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Message for Year 6 from Mrs Chandler

Dear Year 6 children and families,

I would normally be handing you a good luck card today with the following poem in; as we are not together, or even facing our SATs that we’ve worked so hard for, I still wanted to share my heartfelt thoughts and feelings with each of you.

I know some are you are relieved and some of you are disappointed that we’re not sitting our tests next week but the following words are more important than ever in these unusual times.

SATs don’t measure sports

SATs don’t measure art

SATs don’t measure music

Or the kindness in your heart.


SATs don’t see your beauty

SATs don’t know your worth

SATs don’t see the reasons

You were put upon this earth.


SATs don’t see your magic

How you make others smile

SATs don’t time how quickly,

You can run a mile.


SATs don’t hear your laughter

Or see that you’ve come this far

SATs are just a tiny glimpse

Of who you really are.


So sitting at home, this year,

Without your pencil and your test,

Remember SATs aren’t who you are,

Remember you’re the BEST!

Look forward to seeing you all soon,

Mrs Chandler xxx