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National skipping day!

Well, who knew today was national skipping day?! I certainly didn’t!  Here’s some info and activity ideas!

Skipping skills
Try to complete the following skipping skills exercises. Count your best score for each skill without making a mistake or count how many you can complete in a set time limit (e.g. 1 minute or 30 seconds):
  1. Basic single bounce – Jump the rope with two feet together
  2. Double bounce – Jump the rope once then add a small rebound bounce before the next jump
  3. Skiier bounce – Jump side to side, two feet to two feet. Marking a line to jump along or across might help.
  4. Bell bounce – Jump forwards and backwards
  5. Single straddle bounce – Alternate between feet together and feet apart on each jump (the same as you would in a star jump)
  6. Scissor bounce – Jump whilst alternating feet to front and back
Here is a short video which demonstrates some of the skills. For those who want a harder challenge then watch all the way to the video and try the “Crisscross” which is the last exercise at the end of the video:
If pupils don’t have a skipping rope at home then they can also complete a craft activity to make their own skipping rope. Here are two examples using plastic bags and old t-shirts:
How to make plastic bag jump rope:
How to make T-shirt jump rope:
Using skipping for numeracy – Great for younger pupils
Parents with younger pupils might want to use it as a way of improving both their numeracy and physical literacy at the same time. Here are some ideas:
1. Ask the pupil to count from 1 to 10, 1 to 20 etc. whilst skipping
2. Ask the pupil to count backwards from 10 to 1, 20 to 1 whilst skipping
3. Skip whilst counting in different multiples e.g. in 2’s, in 3’s, in 5’s, in 10’s.
4. Ask them to solve a maths problem and then skip the answer. For example, 5 add 3 would require the pupil to skip 8 times.