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Reading Books

Good afternoon,

We would like to make you aware of the system we have put in place to enable children to take school reading books home in the current situation.

Class 1 – phonics flashcards will be sent home in the first instance. This will be supplemented soon by wordless books; we are in the process of ordering some additional books from our new phonics scheme.

Children accessing books from the reading scheme – a selection of books will be sent home on a Wednesday.  These should be returned to school on Monday for quarantine.  There are drop boxes available in each classroom for the children to put the books into, where they will remain for 48 hours, before being given out again the following Wednesday.

“Free” readers – children will be provided with a book which must remain at school.  They can read a different book at home. If they would like to bring a book in from home, this will need to remain at school during the week.

We know that this situation is not ideal, but we believe that this is a way of at least being able to provide some reading material for children in the interim.  Please do continue to supplement school books with a variety of other opportunities to read in the same way that we would always advise – anything from cereal packets to TV guides to Oxford Owl ebooks.