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Road Safety

Today a special walking event had been planned across the UK by Brakes that aimed to raise awareness of road safety. Unfortunately, the walk had to be cancelled but that doesn’t mean that  road safety in cancelled!

We all know it is very important to stay safe around roads and village lanes but it’s always good to have a reminder. Here are some helpful links to help ensure that we all stay vigilant around traffic when we are out and about.

In this link you will find video clips, activities and games:

Zebras – Kids of the world for safe and healthy journeys

Zebras – Kids of the world for safe and healthy journeys

Sharpen up on road safety by completing these worksheets:

Skooter worksheets | nidirect

Here’s a couple of short videos about road safety, especially for Reception and Class 2 pupils.

CBeebies Grown-Ups: Hoof and Safety Tips for Crossing Roads – YouTube

The Moe Show: Moe Explores — Road Safety – YouTube

Many of us from Crayke school live in rural places with lanes and quieter roads than in towns or cities but there are still dangerous hazards. Can you think of some that are the same as in busier places and some that are unique and different to those places? Maybe you could make a list of the hazards on the roads and lanes around your locality and then think of ways you can avoid them. Maybe you could make a road safety poster that is perfect for your locality.