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Thursday Check In

Good afternoon – another lovely sunny day!

Over the past two days I have attempted to make telephone contact with every Crayke family and it has been so lovely to speak to you and to hear of all the adventures that you are having.  If I have been unable to speak to you directly, it’s because your number was engaged or there was no answer.  We just simply wanted to check that everything is ok with you all and to say that we are here if you need anything.

Here are some recommendations today – some of them from parents which is brilliant!

If PE with Joe is proving a little much for your child (or your thighs!!) why not try some Cosmic Yoga?

There are some resources available here:

Also, give “Just Dance” a try if you fancy getting your groove on!

Kanga Sports have listed some challenges which also may be of interest:

All you need for this is a balloon and an imagination.
Use a sofa or chair as your middle point to pass it over.
How many times can you do this?
Can you use your weaker hand?
Choose which body parts you can use and limit it to using these only!
Lay out some cushions on the floor and then the floor becomes lava.
Can the children step between the cushions without falling?
Can they jump using 2 feet only, then left/right and alternate.
Use some old cardboard from the recycling if you would like to get outside.

Can you give them an egg and spoon to hold so that they have to balance too?


Chop up some of the cardboard and add the numbers onto the boxes, you could do this in 1-10 or make it harder and choose to this in multiples of a given factor.
Mix these up and ask the children to organise these as stepping stones to get from one to the next.
Have a box of treasure at the other side (you might even want to let them have a treat if they make it!)
Choose different ways for them to travel across the stepping stones!


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