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World Bike Day

Did you know that today is World Bike Day? Take a look at the information, fun facts and suggestions in the links below. You will find lots of ideas to keep you busy and to help you learn about the importance of cycling. You will also have the chance to design a dream bike and even to write your own cycling adventure story.
Information and a short video clip:
Activity ideas and fun facts
North Yorkshire bike ride routes
Watch this story about duck on a bike. Why not write your own story about a bike adventure?
Duck on a Bike by David Shannon | Best Children’s Books Read Out Loud | Kids Bookshelf
Design your dream bicycle. You could use the templates on the twinkl link below or you could create your design on a sheet of paper. Don’t forget to label all the key features. You could also create an advertising poster for your design. Remember to use lots of persuasive language to hook your customers!
Design Your Dream Bicycle Worksheet
KS1: Design technology: lots of resources to help you work out how to design the best bicycle
Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 1 Resources
KS2: Design Technology. Plenty of resources to help pupils in KS2 design the best bike!
Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 2 Resources