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Ye-Ha! Summer production

Well -we made it! As the saying says, ‘The show must go on!’…and it did just that this morning when, despite a number of obstacles in our way, the successful recording of Ye-Ha! took place and we will share the video link with you as soon as we can. The children did us proud and I am sure you will enjoy watching them perform as much as they will enjoy sharing their performance with friends and loved ones.

I would like to take this opportunity to say some thankyous:

Firstly, a huge thankyou to Mrs Shirley who has been a ‘one-woman band’ this year; she has single-handedly made all the scenery, props and supported all the singing this year! We normally have a few more helping hands but it has just been the two of us this year and I couldn’t have done it without her (although I’m sure she could’ve done without me keep saying ‘I’ve got an idea’, ‘Can we have this? , This would look good!)

A special mention must go to Annie Swan, who took on Mrs Rayner’s usual responsibility of being the ‘music maestro’ and having the script on hand for any forgotten lines!

A great big thankyou to Mr Champion for filming the production for us and ensuring that the performance can be shared with the children’s families.

Thankyou to parents and families for providing costumes and props.

Finally, the biggest thankyou goes to the children in Class 4; they have maintained the sunniest of attitudes towards this play, despite the ‘whos, wheres, whens, whats, hows’ changing constantly as a response to the pandemic, they have put their heart and souls in to it (even in the hottest of weathers) and kept the adults going when it all felt impossible. Simply, they have been a joy to work with!

I wish you all Ye-Ha! Hope you enjoy the show and can’t hear me singing too loudly off camera!

Lauren Chandler