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Dinner Money Spring Term 1 (part 1) 2023

EDITED 8.30PM 3.1.23

Please note dinner money has increased from £2.90 to £3.15 per meal as per the notification in the Crayke Chronicle before Christmas. Prices edited below.


Dinner money for this half-term – Wednesday 4 January to Friday 10 February  (5 weeks and 3 days) is now due for children in Holly and Oak Class.  Holly Class have a trip planned this half-term and will also be going swimming from 18 January (packed lunch required), so they will only need to pay for 4 weeks and 3 days.

The total amount due for Holly Class is £72.45 and for Oak Class is £88.20 payable via your ParentPay account.  Dinner money can be paid in instalments, however at least half of the amount should be paid by 18 January and the remainder by 3 February.

If you had any credits due from last term,  these will have been applied to your ParentPay account before the holidays.

Many thanks

Mrs Bacon