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End of Day 1 at Carlton Lodge

What a busy day! The children worked incredibly well as a team to build their raft and nobody fell off it (despite some games standing up doing the macarena on top of it!) They then got the chance to jump off it and the entire group were asking to go across the wobbly rope bridge! We saw some impressive acrobatic manoeuvres, with most resulting in children falling into the lake! As if they hadn’t already had enough, they then asked to do running jumps or shimmies off the jetty into the lake, followed by being treated to Carlton Lodge’s famously hot showers!
After a delicious evening meal, it was orienteering, where I was told by their group leader for the day that they are one of the politest group of children that she has ever had at Carlton Lodge! The children are being absolute super stars.
They are currently all ready for bed, snuggled in their PJs after celebrating Leonard’s birthday with hot chocolate or juice, popcorn and a piece of birthday cake and watching a film on the ‘big screen’ (Mrs Rayner’s projector… who needs a cinema?!)
Hopefully they will sleep well tonight, ready for an even busier day tomorrow!

Mrs Rayner