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Happy New Year and Start of Term Reminders

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful families! We hope you have had a brilliant festive season.

Just a few reminders ahead of the start of term…

School reopens to pupils from 8:50am on Wednesday 4 January.  We look forward to an exciting term with each class focussing on the following themes and enquiry questions in their learning:

  Theme Enquiry Question
Apple Dinosaurs Rock! Which dinosaurs lived on Earth?
Beech Growing, Growing, Grown! How can we explore growing?
Holly The Inventing Room How did invention of chocolate change York?
Oak A Taste of Tuscany What do Tuscany and North Yorkshire have in common?

Please note, children in Apple Class will finish school at the same time as the rest of the school, 3:30pm, as from 4 January. 

Club News

Please remember, there are NO CLUBS AT ALL until Monday 16 January.  This includes Running Club before school.  Further information about this term’s club offer were circulated in the final newsletter before Christmas.  Please note, we will not be accepting bookings for clubs until the children return to school on Wednesday 4 January.

PE Kits

This term, the PE days for each class are as follows:

Beech – Thursday and Friday

Holly – Wednesday and Friday

Oak – Thursday and Friday

This week, children in Apple class need to bring their PE kit into school on Wednesday and will take it home on Friday.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023 for all; we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning!

Team Crayke