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Year 1 Phonics Drop In Sessions – Information for Parents

Year 1 Phonics Drop In Sessions
Parents of children in Year 1 are invited to sign up to visit a phonics session over the next few weeks. This will allow you to see our Little Wandle phonics programme in action and will help you to support your child at home with phonics and reading.
There are only a certain number of places per session so if you did not sign up at the open afternoon, please sign up with Mrs Bacon for one of the following dates: Thursday 28th September, Thursday 5th October & Thursday 12th October, each from 9:00am – 9:30am. We look forward to welcoming you into school to support your child’s learning journey.
Year 1 Phonics – Links from Open Afternoon
W/C – 04/09/23 – We have been reviewing phase 3 sounds this week. Please click on the link below and scroll down to find ‘How to say phase 3 sounds’. Practise these with your child.

W/C – 11/09/23 – We have continued to practice the sounds from last week and focused on words with 2 or more digraphs. A digraph is ‘2 letters, 1 sound’ for example ‘ch’. The words we have focused on have at least 2 digraphs in the word – for example ‘sh-ee-p’ – the 2 digraphs are ‘sh’ and ‘ee’.

Below are some words you can practice reading with your child. Once they have sounded them out a few times, try and get to just read the word…

sharp        cheep       shower     arch        march        chain       thorn       sheet       queen teeth      farmyard    thicker

You could turn this into a game – write the words on cards and hide them around the house. Once they find one, they need to read it to earn a point. If you would like to make any notes on what you have done in the reading record, Mrs Walsh will check these on a Friday and give team points 🙂