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Duracell Big Battery Hunt – We need your help!

As a school we have signed up to ‘Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt’.
‘We believe that to tackle the effects of climate change, we need to inspire and encourage children to care about their environment now and in the future. With over a billion batteries consumed in the UK every year and less than half recycled, we know that recycling batteries can make a real difference to our planet.
The Big Battery Hunt gives pupils the exciting opportunity to be pioneers, powering change in an exciting recycling challenge to encourage pupils and the wider community to recycle more batteries.’
School Council led a wonderful worship yesterday to explain to the children what it’s all about and what they need to do to help!
Here are the key points you need to know…..
  • Please collect any size batteries at home to bring to school for recycling.
  • Ideally collect them in multiples of 10 and bring them to school in a bag/container with the amount written on (This will help counting) and place into our battery recycling container.
  • Mrs Dobson and Miss Walker will help school council to count the batteries and they will be taken to a local recycling point.
  • We will record online how many batteries we have collected as school on the battery hunt website.
  • The next submission date for our total battery count is 12th June and there are some excellent prizes to be won as a school and individually.
  • We will still continue to collect batteries after this date to help the environment and look out of more competitions by Duracell.
Thank you for your support,
Mrs Dobson & Miss Walker