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Science Day 19 March: Information from Mrs Rayner

Dear Parents / Carers
As part of our Science day tomorrow, children will be timing how long jelly takes to set, with a different piece of fruit in a small container. Children will be bringing this home, but for the purposes of potential allergies, we wanted to share the ingredients with you.
The strawberry jelly is suitable for vegans and is the same as Mrs Yates uses for school dinners. The ingredients for the jelly are:
Sugar, Maltodextrin, Gelling Agent (Carrageenan), Acid (Citric Acid), Acidity Regulator (Tripotassium Citrate), Colours (Beetroot Red, Annatto Norbixin), Flavourings.
The children will also have a piece of either strawberry, apple or banana in their jelly.  Please keep the jelly in the fridge and it needs to be eaten within 48 hours.
Many thanks,
Mrs Louise Rayner