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World Book Day – Thursday 7 March 2024

World Book Day is approaching fast! This Thursday, we will be celebrating with a music-themed World Book Day. This year, we are asking children to bring in their favourite book and be ready to share the name of a song that would be a great soundtrack to the book.
For example: ‘Look Up!’ By Nathan Bryon is a story about a girl who wants to be an astronaut. ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie would go with it because it’s about an astronaut launching into space.
We will also be spending time to read the Little People Big Dreams books about the musicians we have chosen as our House Team names so that children can learn more about each of them.
We try to cater for all of our families and we know that dressing up for World Book Day can either be embraced or dreaded! With the cost of living crisis and the focus being on reading being particularly in mind, we hope that it is a welcome break this year to not have to worry about costumes.
Please use the time you have saved on getting/making a costume, to take your child to a bookshop to select a book. Their voucher will give them a free World Book Day book, OR money off a different book. If you would like any recommendations, you can take a look at this website:
Happy reading!
Mrs Rayner
English Subject Leader