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Keeping Active Over the Holidays: Request for Photos

Dear Parents/Carers

As the holiday season approaches, we are eating lots of delicious food and squeezing in extra treats. How are you as a family going to keep active?

I am sure that I will see lots of you around the village and in Easingwold when I am out walking my dogs. You might be going to the skate park, climbing trees in the woods, going up all those steep steps to the White Horse. You might even be taking part in one of the 5k events or having a ‘Just Dance’ afternoon. Whatever you are doing, I would love to see some photos. Please send them to   I will be displaying them on the PE board, so that all your friends at school can see how you have been keeping active.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Mrs Helfferich

PE Lead

1 Response
  1. Mrs Hughes

    This sounds an exciting holiday project! I can’t wait to see everybody’s pictures and all the different activities you get up to.