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Wednesday update / Calling all mathematicians!

Good afternoon everyone and hope you are managing to enjoy the sunny day in one way or another.  It has been lovely to touch base with many families this morning and do keep in touch if you need anything.

A recurring theme during my phone calls with parents today has been worries that their children aren’t doing enough home learning.  Please can we reassure everyone that the main focus at this worrying time is simply adjusting to a new normal.  This, in itself, is exhausting enough at the moment.  The wellbeing of your children – and you as a family – is our prime concern at this time.  There are many things you can be doing which will help your children – identifying trees in the garden, building a den in the living room, baking, birdspotting – all of these are really valuable activities.

The theme of today’s webpost is suggestions to help with maths.  Here are some ideas – they can of course be adapted to the age and ability of your child/ren.  They are to be used if and when you wish. Enjoy!

As a school we have requested free access to some of the Pearson resources – an update on this will follow
Best wishes,
All at Crayke
2 Responses
  1. Katie Liddell

    Thank you for the update , really lovely to hear. Hope you and your family are keeping well and safe. We are enjoying our home schooling and doing what we can each day against a fluid timetable but so far so good. Leonard currently enjoying Forest schools with daddy and his brother and dog buddy in the fields building dens and fires ? sending lots of love , your doing a fantastic job as head teacher Mrs Jackson – thank you x

    1. Headteacher

      Thank you for your kind comments – it is most definitely a team effort and everyone is being amazing! Hope Forest Schools went well!