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Mid Week Update 14.07.21

Good morning,

As we approach the middle of another strange week, where we have some children working from home and others with us in school, I wanted to provide an update as follows:

Unless you hear differently, or we have had direct communication with you regarding your specific family circumstances, it remains the case that if your child is currently isolating, this expires at midnight on Friday 16th July 2021.  They will be expected back in school on Monday 19th July 2021.  However, as we witnessed first hand last Friday, we are aware that this is an ever-changing picture and that events can take an unexpected turn at short notice, so please do keep yourself updated with communication coming out from school via email, webposts and text messages.

If anyone in your household starts to show symptoms, you must all isolate whilst you await the outcomes of a PCR test.  Lateral flow tests are not for use when symptoms are present.  Your child/ren would not then be able to return to school until either a negative PCR test is received, or the isolation period concludes.  Even if your child is currently isolating from school, we would be grateful if you could keep us informed if they start to show any symptoms.

If you are currently looking after a child who is self-isolating, you may be entitled to claim financial support. Please see this weblink for further details:

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

With best wishes

Judi Jackson