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HOLLY CLASS ONLY: The Iron Giant Film Rated PG – Information for Parents/Carers

Dear Parents/Carers of children in Holly Class Following our English work on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, we are planning to watch The Iron Giant film in class over the coming days. As it is a certificate PG , please inform me if you DO NOT wish your child to participate as soon as possible....
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Home School Values – Spring Term 2023

Our special values for this term are COURAGE and FORGIVENESS. We hope that you will be able to take some time as a family to explore these concepts and complete some of the activities together. HomeSchoolValues-COURAGE HomeSchoolValues-FORGIVENESS
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Curriculum Tree Apple Class Autumn Term 2

Apple Class Fabulous Farming Christmas Autumn 2 22 (1)
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Final Robinwood Photos

Just to finish off the Robinwood spam, here’s a small selection of some of the other activities the children did during their action packed three days away from home.  Everyone is now home safely and hopefully tucked up in bed! It’s been a brilliant visit and the children were all fantastic.  Thanks to Miss Walker...
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Dungeon Quest…

This challenge gave the children chance to recognise each other’s positive qualities… and another photo opportunity, of course! The dungeon was too dark to take photos in but the children worked in a range of different groups to solve various “escape room” type challenges. They were brilliant at it!  
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Zip Wire Adventures

We took to the sky this morning once again, this time to fly through the air at lightning speed on the zip line!
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Good morning from Robinwood

Some slightly more weary faces this morning but we’re raring to go again and, after a hearty breakfast, we’re gearing up for climbing right now.
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Sunny Saturday update

The weather is glorious and spirits are high! We also had a surprise guest join us at breakfast time in the form of Mrs Rayner! Amongst other things, we have done raft building, which was a brilliant link to the science topic of forces, the opportunity to do a sky dive leap of faith into...
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A Residential First… !!

I can honestly say that this has never happened on a residential before, but tonight, Miss Walker and I were in for a treat as the girls had organised us all some rather exquisite face masks – we just had to share this with you! Thanks girls, they are lovely!
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Teatime Update from Robinwood

Wow! What an awesome group of children. They have given EVERYTHING so far their best shot – and we have done so much already!  The crate challenge saw all three groups building to the maximum level with brilliant teamwork and cooperation.  The trapeze saw every single child just go for it, with determination and resilience....
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